Platinum Sponsor – Broadcom

We are proud to be sponsored by Broadcom Software, and offer comprehensive ValueOps (Clarity and Rally Software) training classes at Rego University . Broadcom’s ValueOps solution combines the power of Clarity, the industry leading Project & Portfolio Management solution, with the advanced Agile management capabilities of Rally Software for Digital Transformation and Value Stream Management success.

The partnership between Rego Consulting and Broadcom stretches back to our founding, and we’re thrilled to be named Broadcom’s ValueOps Partner of the Year, ‘22. We are committed to providing excellence in services, integration, and training for Broadcom Software’s ValueOps offerings.

Gold Sponsor – Apptio

In 2023, we are proud to be sponsored by Apptio and offer ApptioOne and Cloudability Rego University courses. Apptio specializes in providing innovative technology solutions for managing and optimizing IT spending and investments. With a strong focus on financial management, Apptio offers comprehensive solutions that enable businesses to gain visibility into their IT costs, allocate resources effectively, and align technology initiatives with strategic objectives. By leveraging advanced analytics and automation, Apptio helps organizations streamline their IT operations, optimize budgets, and drive value across the entire technology portfolio.

Rego Consulting has been an Apptio partner since 2019, and we are honored to be named Apptio’s Partner of the Year, ‘22. We look forward to continuing to provide best-in-class Apptio services, integrations, and training.