1. Access your account at www.pmi.org
  2. Click on Certifications
  3. Click on Report PDU’s on CCRS
  4. Click on Report PDU’s
  5. Click on Course or Training (or other appropriate category under Education or Giving Back)
  6. Fill out the Form
  • Provider [type in]: Rego Consulting 
  • Activity: – Enter name Course Name
  • Description: Optional
  • Date Started: Enter Date of Class
  • Date Completed: Enter Date of Class
  • URL: Optional
  • Contact Person: Optional
  • Contact Phone: Optional
  • Contact E-mail: Optional
  1. Enter Number of PDU’s Claimed (1 PDU per course hour) in the proper category
  • Technical – Knowledge, skills and behaviors related to specific domains of project, program and portfolio management.
    • This is where most Rego Training Courses would be submitted
  • Leadership – Knowledge, skills and behaviors specific to leadership-oriented, cross-cutting activities that help an organization achieve business goals.
  • Strategic – Knowledge of and expertise in the industry or organization that enhances performance and better delivers business outcomes.
  1. Click on the I agree this claim is accurate box
  2. Click Submit button