Why Attend Rego University?

Rego University is one of the most respected Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), Agile, and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) conferences in the world, and it’s the best place to learn with peers in your industry.

It is the premiere event to learn Clarity and Rally Software best practices, get hands-on training, network, discover how industry peers are using Clarity to solve problems and innovate, and get technical help in open labs.

By attending the event you’ll have access to the same consultants who have helped to guide over 650 organizations in PPM, Agile, and SPM, including 60% of Fortune 100 companies and 70% of Fortune 20 companies.

How is Rego Different?

Our clients wanted us to create a forum where they could network with their peers, learn best practices, engage in debates and knowledge-sharing, and not feel like they were being sold something. In response to this, we created Rego University.

Every year we gather the brightest minds in the PPM, Agile, and SPM industries in one place, with over 100 different companies represented, so we can learn together in interactive classes based on real-life experience.

Rego University in Kansas City

This year Rego University will be held in Kansas City. More details on the hotel will be available soon.

Rego Consulting was named ValueOps Partner of the Year for 2021, 2022, and 2023. Rego has also been honored with several PPM awards over the years. Rego is a founding member of the PPM Global Alliance.

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What to Expect

At the Rego University, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to manage Clarity (formerly Clarity PPM) & Rally Software. Choose from dozens of sessions, including dedicated Functional and Technical tracks, presented by Rego’s team of experts. Come join our energetic, dynamic, solutions-driven community.

What You’ll Learn

Whether you’re new to Clarity and Rally Software (ValueOps by Broadcom) or an experienced veteran, our inspiring classes, hands-on labs, and keynote sessions will give you valuable insights, tools, and techniques for making the most of your environment.

What You’ll Take Away

Bring your work challenges and walk away energized with solutions. Our team of Clarity/PPM and Rally Software/Agile expert guides will help you discover solutions to everyday issues and provide you with the knowledge to successfully troubleshoot on your own.

See What People Think of Rego University!

It was my first experience of Rego University. I was nervous about getting enough value as I was travelling from abroad. I needn’t have worried as the Rego team of presenters were very knowledgeable. The sessions available varied across both functional and technical; and the labs allowed for some 1:1 time to discuss my environment. I have been able to bring back a wealth of information to share with my team. I would highly recommend Rego University for anyone that is using CA PPM.

Lina L., Foxtel - Head of PMO Services

Outstanding Conference in Every Way!

Loved the presentations, and especially the downloaded presentation docs – all done professionally and thoroughly with great content!

Matt M., Lead Technical Developer

I attended Rego University for the following:
1) Learn some best practices from other companies
2) Sharpen some technical skills that I rarely get a chance to use
3) Meet other industry contacts and exchange ideas/best practices.

I can check off all three items.

Greg H., Manager of Reporting and Analysis - Scottrade

I have attended RU for 3 years (one more to graduate?). I always learn something from the classes, but I often learn even more from the connections that I have made. While sharing stories with others who attended, I learned about uploading data into Clarity (I have been told that I won’t get my diploma until I start calling it CA PPM). We have been struggling with getting invoices entered into the system and now we have another approach that will potentially solve one of our bigger headaches. Sitting around a fire pit and sharing our stories can be fun and informative. On a separate note, next year I am going to buy a t-shirt that says “RegoU Graduate, Class of ’18”.

Stu J., Chubb - Process Manager - Metrics

As expected, the conference was great. You truly get the inside track on CA PPM…..the good, the bad, the ugly….and the “how to’s”. Loved being able to speak to the various Rego SME’s on topics which interest me. Felt like some of the classes were a bit too short, but overall a great experience!

Debra C., Gamestop - Sr. Manager

This was my first year at RegoU after running Clarity for 18 months. Since I am the only person (with Rego’s outstanding help) running the PPM at my company, I needed both Functional and Technical classes. I was able to attend both and learned many things to take back to my organization.
The level of knowledge of all the presenters was very high, and even for subjects that I felt well-versed in, I learned new ways of thinking about how it could better fit my team, as well as new tips. Each class was useful and had people attending at every experience level from beginner to seasoned pro, and it was clearly of benefit to all levels.
I plan to attend RegoU every year if at all possible.
Truly a class act!

Leslie H., Anixter - Portfolio Project Manager

I have attended the last 2 years and find there is so much available it can be hard to decide which session to attend. I want to attend them all. As a CA PPM administrator I have gained valuable understanding of CA PPM and can better direct our path forward with CA PPM. Not to mention networking with other users is invaluable. Thank you Rego Consulting. Well done.

Mathew R., Delta - Sr. Project Leader

RegoU is simply the most informative conference on all aspects of the CA PPM solution. A must attend for everyone from the early adopting team to the most experienced users.

Jerry V., Chubb - PMO Lead

This year I was able to gain a great deal of additional information regarding the CA PPM Tool and associated processes/best practices which I am certain will help us further mature in the area of project/program management. I found the classes and other attendees very helpful and was able to connect with quite a few for future information sharing!

Peggy H., Chubb - Sr. Business Analyst

Have you attended Rego University?