Why Attend Rego University?

Rego University is the premier learning event for TBM and Apptio professionals, and it’s the best place to learn with peers in your industry. By attending the event you’ll have access to the same consultants who have helped to guide hundreds of organizations through their Apptio implementations and TBM journeys.

How is Rego University Different?

Our clients wanted us to create a forum where they could network with their peers, learn best practices, engage in debates and knowledge-sharing, and not feel like they were being sold something. In response to this, we created Rego University. Rego University is a compliment to Apptio’s TBM Conference.

Every year we gather the best and brightest TBM professionals in one place, so we can learn together in interactive classes based on real-life experience.

Rego University in San Diego

This year Rego University will be held at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in sunny San Diego. The hotel features four restaurant and lounge options, a spa and fitness center, and food and drink services. More information coming soon.

What to Expect

At the Rego University 2022 Nashville Event, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to manage your Apptio implementation and TBM journey. Choose from over a dozen sessions presented by Rego’s team of experts. Come be a part of our energetic, dynamic, solutions-driven environment.

What You’ll Learn

Whether you’re new to TBM or an Apptio veteran, our inspiring classes, will give you valuable insights, tools, and techniques for making the most of your environment.

What You’ll Take Away

Bring your work challenges and walk away with solutions. Our team of Apptio expert guides will help you discover solutions to everyday issues and provide you with the knowledge to successfully troubleshoot on your own.

Rego University

Collaborate with your peers while enjoying Rego’s experience and knowledge-sharing. Rego expert guides have over 80 years of combined Apptio & TBM experience across hundreds of organizations. They’ve dealt with the most complex use cases and challenging problems.

Regardless of your skill level or area of focus, at Rego University you’ll find the right content to help you continue to shape Apptio to your TBM process and vision.